Monday, May 10, 2010

Petit Fours

This is a wonderful recipe that my Nana and I made. The cake part is a buttery delectable pound cake. The glaze calls for almond extract (which I wouldn't put in) but besides that it's really good! Oh yes, and we thought that even though they look prettier if the cakes are higher, they would probably be easier to glaze if they were lower so keep that in mind. :)
Here is the recipe for the pound cake:
And here's the recipe for the glaze:
And sorry if the words are all bunched together. I've been having some problems with that lately. :)


Patricia A. Murphy said...

They look wonderful. You and your Nana must be really good cooks.

Nora said...

Thank you. :) And yes we are. ;P

Lyza said...

Hi Nora,

Thanks for dropping by at my blog...

Petit Four looks yummy...